Saturday, 10 October 2015

Death on Credit (written on 01/02/2015)

Well, I guess that title could suggest a few things - But, in this instance, I'm talking about smoking and the cost of being a smoker.

Smoking is one of those things that almost everyone who does it wishes they didn't, yet few actually stop. It's hard. Easier to keep smoking - I've even heard the 'patches and shit are more expensive that a pack of smokes! Fuck it!' argument.

Throughout the 15 years of my smoking life, I've attempted to quit several times - I think the longest
I went without sucking a couple more days through a filter was about 4 or 5 days - Most attempts lasted a day or two (one lame attempt lasted about 6 hours!). It's a difficult thing and something I wish I never took up all those years ago.

It's mindless too... I smoke when I'm social, when I'm bored, when I need a break, when I'm having a coffee - I mindlessly sip coffee, suck on a smoke and swipe my way through Facebook each morning while I'm waking up. I don't often ever think to myself, 'Fuck, I'd love a smoke right now!' - I just do it.

Why? Well... Who the fuck knows?! I don't know how this nicotine addiction thing works - I'm just an addict - All I know is if I don't have the sweet breath of the lord each morning, I get irritable - I think we're all creatures of habit and we like things to be done in the way we've always done them. And for me, smoking is a part of that.

It's nonsensical really... 80% of the time, I'm not actually 'enjoying' it - I'm just doing it. I know how detrimental it is to my health - everyone fucking knows how bad it is. It's costs a moderate-sized fucking fortune to keep doing it - Cigarette prices are continually increased by the government here in Australia - They tell us it's to deter people from smoking and force them to quit - Like they actually a give a fuck about our health - They increase the excise costs on tobacco so they collect more $$$ from the uselessly addicted fuck-heads like me - If they really gave a fuck about our health, they'd reduce the cost of Nicobate, Patches and other Quit-Smoking products. If they wanted us to quit, they'd give out nicotine patches for free (or really really fucking cheap - I mean, they've got our smoke money anyway!). They don't. It's bullshit - they know that fucktards like me are going to find ways to afford to keep smoking because it's easier than quitting... And it's a fuckin' expensive addiction - $25.95 a packet of 30! I probably go through around 5 or 6 packets a week - Let's say 6 - That's $155.70 a week - 52 weeks in a year = $8,096.40....

$8000 a year to smoke!! What The Actual Fuck.....

When I was a younger man, my friend Louise and I were smokers and Louise's mother was an ex-smoker... One day we were sitting outside and Louise's place and we were having a coffee and a laugh with ciggies dangling between our fingers - and Louise's mother said to us that 'Smoking causes lethargy' and we laughed and we joked about that for weeks - Like cigarettes are really going to make us lazy... WELL...

It's fucking true! Sometimes, I think to myself - You know what? I might go for a walk or clean the spare room, or iron that pile of shirts - Fuck it, I'll have a smoke first - which turns into coffee and 2 smokes and the spare room is still a mess and that pile of wrinkly shirts accumulates longer... Now, I don't think that's the definition of lethargy exactly - But it does serve to help people procrastinate indefinitely... I'll just a smoke, don't even worry about it - Doesn't matter, I'll just have a smoke instead.

All of the shit I've just dribbled is absolutely true - is it universally true? Does every smoker feel the same way?? Do YOU?

There are SO many reasons to quit... Yet the thought of not sucking in that dose of nicotine with my morning coffee freaks me out. And I actually hate that I'm so addicted that the few days before pay day each month, the credit card gets swiped to ensure I don't go without that nicotine self-hatred. Like they weren't expensive enough, let's chuck some interest on top of that... It's a Fucking Stupid Habit that absolutely serves no fucking purpose at all and turns the majority of people that smoke into a form of self-hating, broke and lazy sub-culture - of which I am ashamedly a part of... I don't mean to offend anyone, I am one of these people remember - and I acknowledge that not everyone who smokes feels and thinks the same way I do - But I also know that I am not the only person out there that thinks the exact same way I do...

Non-Smokers always ask - Why do you smoke? What do you get from it? My answer is usually 'cancer' and a laugh... In truth,  I don't know... I do enjoy it sometimes, but usually it's just something I do, because I'm a smoker... So, why keep doing it? I don't know...


About 7 weeks ago I DID Quit Smoking and I have not looked back. I read a book that changed my perspective on smoking and it was actually very easy for me to quit. I had no withdrawals, no mood-swings, no anger, no increase in appetite - I can still go outside with the smokers at work and hang out and be social and the smokers around me don't make me want to smoke.
If you WANT to Stop Smoking - Find a copy of the book 'Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking' - It worked for me - and if it doesn't work for you, then all you've done is read a book - no big deal... 

Gazzy in Tazzy will return in November!

Saturday, 21 March 2015


Hello Everyone

Earlier this week I went along to a Measure Up van for a Body Composition Scan.

Do you ever see that Australian reality program 'Bringing Sexy Back'? If you did, you've seen what the scans are - They basically give you the measurement and weight of all the parts of your body.

I was curious if these scans were able to be done anywhere, so I googled and found and made an enquiry - once I'd booked in, they advised me I needed a GP referral to attend - Now, this was the only drama I had.

Friday, 19 December 2014


June 2010

December 2011

November 2014


Sunday, 15 January 2012

At the Movies - The Muppets

It's our first movie review for 2012... The Muppets! 

Hope you enjoy!

Monday, 9 January 2012

2011 Highlights & Bloopers

Hi Everyone

I know it's been ages since I posted on here... And I am sorry. For those of you not following on Facebook... I haven't stopped... I've still been on the way to health and shit, just haven't had much to update on and/or footage to post for you.. So it's been a bit quiet. I want to change that! :)

To start us off... Here is my 2011 video. It includes some highlights of the year and a lot of bloopers (be warned, there is a fair bit of swearing involved.. So if the F Word bothers you, skip.. )

Please enjoy this look back at 2011 and let me know what you think... I look forward to what I can bring to you all in 2012...

Peace out, homie!


Sunday, 4 December 2011

At the Movies - Immortals

We're Back!

Here's our review of the new 'Immortals 3D'. More Blog Updates coming soon... With a 2011 catch-up and highlights of the year that was... Stay Tuned...


Saturday, 10 September 2011

Webisode 11 - July / August 2011

Hi there everyone!

I'm so sorry for the massive delay in posts and videos and stuff... For those that don't know me personally, I've recently become a full-time employee and with all the after work-hours exercise stuff, leaves my personal life for the weekends and then I get busy... But, this blog and you guys and sharing my story along the way is still very very important to me and not a day goes by I don't think about the blog... So please accept my apology and I will promise to try to be more present on here and on Facebook... Remember if you haven't found me on Facebook, click here and hit the like button to receive the Gazzy In Tazzy newsfeed.

OK... So here it is... The very delayed July/August webisode! Hope you enjoy and as always, please leave a comment here or Facebook... Message me or Email me at

Thanks guys..


Sunday, 14 August 2011

At the Movies - Green Lantern

At the Movies reviews GREEN LANTERN, with Ryan Reynolds...


Sunday, 7 August 2011

August Will Be My Bitch

A while back I posted about my break up and now it's been almost 3 months... and my friends are probably sick of me talking and talking and talking... and yes, the occasional break down. And this kind of emo-ness has made me slack when it comes to achieving my goals. Yes, I've still been loosing weight but my efforts have been half-assed.

It's a week into August and this week's weigh in was the worst result I've had in a long, long time... And you know what that means? GET THE FUCK MOVING AND DO SOMETHING YOU LAZY BASTARD!!!

So the rest of August is gonna be my bitch! I've talked to the wonderful Sherry Rand (KickStart Fitness - Links to Your Right!!) who is gonna help me with my motivation and get me back into the swing of things... And I've made other plans so that I'm busy for a while. I've got gym between 3 or 5 times a week... 2 group classes a week and a one-on-one training session for boxing... As well as all that I've started walking with my good friend Bianka, which is gonna turn into a walk/jog interval thing so we can get some more training for us to do the Burnie 10 in October! It's happening!

So, fitting all that in with work means I'm gonna be busy busy and I think I'm gonna be tired this week coming and then, hopefully, next week I will be in the routine of it all and I know, I know that after a few days I will start to feel more energetic and stuff... So.. Yay!

The big end-of-year goal was to get under 100... And, if I can keep my focus I WILL reach that goal before the end of October... That's my goal now.. 99.9kg by October 31st... After I reach that goal, I will reassess... I seriously have not thought beyond that under 100 goal.. And I don't want to till I get there...

So... that's gonna be my August... and September and October.. lol.. Working Hard.. And I'm looking forward to it... 


Thursday, 4 August 2011

July Update

Hey everyone

July has been a crazy month... Emotionally up & down and work has been crazy busy and I've been a bit of a mess and all over the show... Plus I had the dreaded man-flu.. the worst I've felt ever.. And that took 10 or 11 days out of my life..

Food has been ok, not great, but ok... Exercise is another story.. I've been slack.. Been to the gym a few times... Even tried doing the 6:30 workout before work a few times... But a 5:30 wake up call is really hard to do every morning.. And then I got sick.. so I'm struggling to get back to the early early mornings.. SLACK!

Because I've been so slack, I haven't got much video footage to put a webisode together... So, this entry is instead of a July episode..

I've had decent (not amazing) weigh in results each week.. and the Monthly Weigh In Result - 114.7kg. That's a loss of 5.4kg for the month and brings my total loss to 32.2kg... Which is kinda awesome!!

32 kilos... Gone...

Needless to say, I've been shopping...

Anyways folks.. I just wanted to give you a quick update.. August WILL BE A VIDEO... I PROMISE.

Gazzy. xoxox