Saturday, 21 March 2015


Hello Everyone

Earlier this week I went along to a Measure Up van for a Body Composition Scan.

Do you ever see that Australian reality program 'Bringing Sexy Back'? If you did, you've seen what the scans are - They basically give you the measurement and weight of all the parts of your body.

I was curious if these scans were able to be done anywhere, so I googled and found and made an enquiry - once I'd booked in, they advised me I needed a GP referral to attend - Now, this was the only drama I had.

I don't think the doc (or nurse I spoke to) had much of an idea of what I was actually asking for... a traditional DEXAScan is basically a bone density scan and is done for people over 70 or with a family history of osteoporosis etc etc. But, I was persistent. After about 45 minutes of talking with both the doc and the nurse, I was assured they would get me a referral by the end of the day...

A week later - Nothing - I called back and they said they were waiting on info from Measure Up.

Long story short (er) I was calling Measure Up and the GP clinic the day before to make sure they both had what was necessary and I was able to pick up the referral on my way to the appointment.

The actual scan itself was a painless and easy process - kick off the shoes, empty the pockets remove jewellery and lay on the scanner bed as still as possible while the scan takes place. Easy Peasy.

The woman who performed my scan, Julie, was friendly and chatty and she printed out the results for me - with some black and white pics - before I left the van. I also got the same results - in colour - and with some caloric intake and output advice and the suggested amount of fat weight I should lose - emailed to me later that afternoon.

So... The results...

Check out my sexy skeleton!

So that's the image from the 'bone density' portion of the scan - in this you can kinda see the muscle mass in the darker parts around the bone and the outline of my actual body  - FUCKING SCARY really?!? But, anyway - Not a bad looking skeleton, huh?

Then there is the actual FUCKING SCARY IMAGE.....

This is the reason I went along really - for this...

As you can see - the bony shows up in Blue, Lean/Muscle in purple and red and Fat in Yellow...

Fucking horrible to think of me in this way - Look at it! That's a lot of fat hanging around!

So - Do you wanna know the numbers??

Lean Mass (incl. bones!) was a total of: 69.38kg
Fat Mass overall was a total of: 52.97kg.
Total Mass: 122.36kg
Body Fat: 43.3%

43.3 fucking percent!!!

Holy Shit!!!

So... What's a healthy percentage to have?? According to the report (and some online research) it is healthy to have between 8% and 20% body fat. So I've obviously got some work to do, because I plan on going back for another scan in about 6 months time and I don't want to see 43.3 fucking percent!

Anyways... A few people I've talked to said that they couldn't do this because 1. The don't wanna know just how fat they are and/or 2. It would make them depressed (why would I let myself do that to myself)

I know how they feel - I felt that way (and still do a bit) when I was a lot bigger and started this blog all those years ago - Weighing at just over 180kgs!

I know I'm still big and I still have a way to go - and I also know that the last couple of years I've not had a focus on myself and my health. But, I want that to change and I know I can do it (I've done it before!).

I like to this of this scan as I would a check-up at the doc. I now know exactly what I'm dealing with and it gives me an opportunity to see the issue with a new understanding. Before it was about losing weight, feeling better and overall health - But the "health" part of that felt like a general statement.... Now, it feels real.. I feel like I can now see what the health problem is and I will fight it.

Part of me was just curious about the scan, having not had much in the way of actual health issues in the past, I've never had an X-Ray or stitches or any surgery etc etc - I've been lucky and this gave me an opportunity to see something I wouldn't have. Which is great.

So... If you're interested in having one of these scans done - visit MeasureUp and have a look on their site.
In Tasmania, it is a requirement that you have a GP referral (I would suggest taking some of the information from the website to the doctor so you can explain what it is you're asking for).
They travel around and I was told they're in the Burnie area approximately every 6 months or so...
The cost in $90 for the scan and the results I got. They have a more comprehensive consultant on their website, but this is also not offered in Tasmania (as they don't generally do Body Comp. scans down here).

Anyways... I hope you found this as interesting as I did and if you're curious about your own, check out the website...

Be Good to Yourself


Saturday, 7 March 2015

Going Bite-Size!

Hello Everyone

It's been a while since I've been active on the blog here and I really want to get back into the swing of posting and sharing... So, I've decided to do some shorter blog videos instead of the big long productions I did in the past... The new Bite-Size Gazzy in Tazzy is shorter and easier for me to edit and share and quicker for you to watch - Hopefully you find them just as entertaining - But, give me a few to really get back into it...

I'm hoping to get back into some writing posts as well... So, keep your eyes out! :)

If you've not already, you can also find Gazzy in Tazzy on Facebook and Instagram (gazzyintazzy). Follow there to see pics and random Gazzy thoughts...

Anyways, watch my Super-Short Return video from the last 6 days of being SUGAR-FREE!!

Check out I Quit Sugar (Sarah Wilson) for more details on what we're doing... Also, using some Paleo ideas and recipes as well to get more nutrition... Anyway, Check out the video, say hello in the comments here or on Facebook and I will do my best to be more active and share more with y'all.

Be Fabulous! :)


Friday, 19 December 2014


June 2010

December 2011

November 2014


Monday, 6 January 2014

Always a Resolution

Well... Gazzy in Tazzy is back in production... How this blog is gonna take shape?! We'll see... But I'm back..

It seems all of these types of things (weight loss plans, lifestyle change, etc) all seem to occur around New Years - and are over and forgotten about around February 1st...  Please don't let me be one of these resolution droppers - Again! Last year I think I posted about a return to form - and nothing really happened!

I have been doing some filming over the last week so I can edit together a January video at the end of the month... Monthly videos seem to be the best way for me to blog, so that's going to be the main focus - the videos, but with some other stuff as well... As most of you are probably already aware, Gazzy in Tazzy is on Facebook as well - Find me by clicking here.

I would love some ideas, suggestions, motivations, etc etc... So please, post away!!

I had one suggestion a few days ago that I do some kind of Fundraising thing - Dollars per Kilos Lost for a Charity of some type? I like the idea... What do you think?

Anyways... Keep your eyes out on here, and on Facebook and I'll be back soon...


Sunday, 6 January 2013

Sunday Catch-Up: Movie Preview Edition

Well... Another weekend is just about over and it's back to work tomorrow... 

What's been happening this week? Not too much, been staying pretty quiet, which is nice.. Been posting the Daily Food Reports on the Facebook Page.. (Click LIKE if you want to follow!)

I've not been too obsessed over food... I should be, but I'm not - I do think the Daily Food Reports make me think more about what I'm about to eat... Which is why I do it I guess... Not to feel guilty or anything, just so that I think about what I'm going to eat before I eat it.

And... I've been doing good with the gym - been focusing on cardio - been doing the C25K - Which I've attempted quite a few times - but feel like I'm making progress this time.. So, that's good. I'm on early shifts this week so will probably stick to cardio before work for this week and get back into the weights next week... But we'll see.

It's only been a few days since I posted, so there isn't a lot to write about, so I'm going to share a couple of movie trailers of movies I'm Really Looking forward to in 2013 - and these are the ones that I will probably (possibly, maybe... Not Sure) will do Gazzy In Tazzy Movie Reviews - Maybe.. :P



Tuesday, 1 January 2013

I'm Baaack!

O-M-G! It's 2013... Guess those Mayan's were wrong! 2012 wasn't the end of the world... Guess the Mayan calendar is like the one I have on the wall... 31-Dec it ends, so I get a new one... If the Mayan's were still around, I'm sure they would get a new one too... Silly Mayans!

Anyway... So, it's been about a year since I posted anything - FUCKING SLACK! Yes, I know.. I'm sorry... I could give you hundreds of excuses if you like? Wanna hear them?? No?? Why??

Oh - cos it's bullshit! Fair call... If they were legitimate, they'd be called reasons.. OK.. Look, I spent almost a year going hardcore and losing almost 60kg and since then, I've been "maintaining" more than anything. I've not been as active or strict.. I've been happier and enjoying my life more than being so concerned about dropping kilos...

2012 was a year of work and love and stuff... After the year of hard weight-loss work that was 2011, let's call 2012 my 'Gap Year'. I spent 2012 maintaining the loss I had had in 2011 and doing my best to enjoy life. I worked a lot, I went on 2 trips to Melbourne and I moved in with my partner, Adam... There were, of course, ups & downs in 2012 as there is in life no matter what you do.. But during this Gap Year - I was not focused on weight loss or fitness or measuring myself or any of that stuff - I was focused on living and enjoying the good stuff...

But the Gap Year is over and it's time to get back into gear - But I'll get to that in a minute..

The goal in 2011 was to reach 100kg... That didn't happen... And I'm actually a little sad to say, it didn't happen in 2012 either... Because I wasn't as dedicated and focused on THOSE goals in 2012. At the end of 2011 when I hadn't reached that goal, I was a bit down and upset about it... I spent a long time after that convincing myself that what I had already done was pretty awesome and I shouldn't be so hard on myself.. I'd done the hard yards and rest would be easier - look how far you've come already - and all that other stuff... And after a while that worked - too well - I was feeling good about what I'd accomplished... I was less strict on the diet and went to the gym only a few days a week - skipping it didn't bother me.. I started treating myself - convincing myself not to worry 'You've done it - enjoy it!'... I lost a little bit more, but mostly was maintaining the loss I'd already achieved...

But gym visits seemed to get further apart and treats were happening more often... and the scales (when I bothered to weigh in) went up and down and pretty much stayed around the same figure...

And now I'm here... So, what next?

A big part of my success, (I think), was this blog. In the very beginning it was a way of me venting my frustrations in all honesty.. I posted a lot of failures and a lot of false starts and half-assed attempts before I started getting it right and having the losses and results I really wanted.. And I think letting this blog become less important in my every day life was one of the reasons I've found it harder to keep going. This blog not only gave me an avenue to vent frustration, celebrate successes and talk about my challenges and stuff... It kept me honest. Before the video blog entries started, I felt I could be totally honest - an honesty that doesn't come as easily when you're looking into a camera knowing that people are going to be seeing your face.

So... As you may have noticed... The blog has had a bit of a revamp... Adam has designed a new blog banner/logo for me... It incorporates a sign that hangs in our house - 'Life isn't about finding yourself, Life is about Creating Yourself' - and that's what 2013 is going to be for me - CREATING MYSELF... Not a bad Before & After comparison shot either!

A person is constantly learning and growing and changing and adapting... And I want this year to be a time for me to not just Enjoy Life, but create new habits, routines, opportunities and experience new things...

As far as the blog (and weight-loss) goes... I'm setting up a new routine with a new focus on achieving the goals I want to reach! This blog has and always will be mostly based on Weight Loss and Fitness - That will NEVER change - But I want to incorporate other aspects of my life... Stuff I like, Stuff I do.. I've used by Bucket List (which I posted back in March 2011) as a bit of motivation as well...

So... I've planned my Workouts - when to weigh and measure, etc... And as far as blogging goes...
The plan is to have Daily Food Updates (either on the blog every day or on the Gazzy in Tazzy Facebook page as it happens) for at least all of January - and then I'll reevaluate if I think this is worthwhile/effective... I will also do Weekly Posts - 'Things I Like This Week' & 'Sunday Catch Up'... And Monthly Webisodes will be back, which will focus (mostly) on the weight loss aspects.

There are also some other health-related items on my 2013 agenda - Those of you who know me or have been reading/watching the blog for some time may recognise some of these as they are things I've been 'meaning' to do for some time - such as; Quit Smoking, Burnie 10 etc... But, I'll share them as they happen...

Adam has been supportive of the new blog and new stuff, which is great... He's going to help keep me on track... He's a very large part of my life, so I'm sure you'll get to know him a bit as we go as well...

And that's the plan for 2013...

And I must say - It's Good To Be Back! :)

Sunday, 15 January 2012

At the Movies - The Muppets

It's our first movie review for 2012... The Muppets! 

Hope you enjoy!

Monday, 9 January 2012

2011 Highlights & Bloopers

Hi Everyone

I know it's been ages since I posted on here... And I am sorry. For those of you not following on Facebook... I haven't stopped... I've still been on the way to health and shit, just haven't had much to update on and/or footage to post for you.. So it's been a bit quiet. I want to change that! :)

To start us off... Here is my 2011 video. It includes some highlights of the year and a lot of bloopers (be warned, there is a fair bit of swearing involved.. So if the F Word bothers you, skip.. )

Please enjoy this look back at 2011 and let me know what you think... I look forward to what I can bring to you all in 2012...

Peace out, homie!


Sunday, 4 December 2011

At the Movies - Immortals

We're Back!

Here's our review of the new 'Immortals 3D'. More Blog Updates coming soon... With a 2011 catch-up and highlights of the year that was... Stay Tuned...


Saturday, 10 September 2011

Webisode 11 - July / August 2011

Hi there everyone!

I'm so sorry for the massive delay in posts and videos and stuff... For those that don't know me personally, I've recently become a full-time employee and with all the after work-hours exercise stuff, leaves my personal life for the weekends and then I get busy... But, this blog and you guys and sharing my story along the way is still very very important to me and not a day goes by I don't think about the blog... So please accept my apology and I will promise to try to be more present on here and on Facebook... Remember if you haven't found me on Facebook, click here and hit the like button to receive the Gazzy In Tazzy newsfeed.

OK... So here it is... The very delayed July/August webisode! Hope you enjoy and as always, please leave a comment here or Facebook... Message me or Email me at

Thanks guys..