Monday, 6 January 2014

Always a Resolution

Well... Gazzy in Tazzy is back in production... How this blog is gonna take shape?! We'll see... But I'm back..

It seems all of these types of things (weight loss plans, lifestyle change, etc) all seem to occur around New Years - and are over and forgotten about around February 1st...  Please don't let me be one of these resolution droppers - Again! Last year I think I posted about a return to form - and nothing really happened!

I have been doing some filming over the last week so I can edit together a January video at the end of the month... Monthly videos seem to be the best way for me to blog, so that's going to be the main focus - the videos, but with some other stuff as well... As most of you are probably already aware, Gazzy in Tazzy is on Facebook as well - Find me by clicking here.

I would love some ideas, suggestions, motivations, etc etc... So please, post away!!

I had one suggestion a few days ago that I do some kind of Fundraising thing - Dollars per Kilos Lost for a Charity of some type? I like the idea... What do you think?

Anyways... Keep your eyes out on here, and on Facebook and I'll be back soon...



Anonymous said...

You appear to have broken a resolution. Unless you're going for thrice yearly.

Gazzy said...

resolution is totes broken!